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Meanings Of Colours

RED: Wear red when you want to appear assertive or spontaneous. Avoid it when you want to avoid conflict or dispute.

Blue: Wear blue when you want to appear trustworthy and loyal. Choose dark shades of the color when you want to appear businesslike. Wear pale shades of blue when you want to appear innocent and naïve.

BLACK: when you want to appear reserved, unapproachable or authoritative... or dynamic and exciting when worn with your personal image tools. Avoid it when you want to appear folksy or highly approachable.

GREY: Wear Grey when you want to appear neutral or unobtrusive, or when you want to give a “safe” appearance. Avoid it, particularly in pale shades, when you want to appear assertive, spontaneous, authoritative, dynamic, etc.

BROWN: Wear brown when you want to appear down-to-earth, casual or sympathetic. Avoid it when you want to appear authoritative or assertive.

GREEN: Wear green when you wish to appear calm and relaxed, but not when you want to appear pioneering or assertive.

YELLOW: Wear yellow when you want to be noticed, when you want to appear joyful, and also to inspire a flood of mental activity. Avoid it when you need to concentrate or when you are feeling nervous

ORANGE: Wear orange to appear energetic and spirited. Do not wear it when you seek relaxation.

PURPLE: Wear purple when you would like to appear romantic, artistic, spiritual or regal. Avoid it unless you have a good eye for color and fashion.

LAVENDER: lavender is usually associated with romantic and feminine types and is considered soft and delicate.

PINK: Wear pink when you want to appear soft and feminine. Pink shirts for men need to be accompanied by a suit in a “power” color and a bold tie.




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