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Men's Accessories: What Is Hot Now - For Weddings - For The Groomsman

Your mission on your big day isn't impossible; it's simply to look your best. A well-fitting tux is a given. It's how you accessorize that will make the most of your outfit. To help you pump up your style quotient, we tracked down the hot trends in tux and suit accessories.

Stick with more subdued, sophisticated color arrangements. Try going with the same hue for both your shirt and tie. A tone-on-tone combo not only takes the guesswork out of coordinating, but will also give you a very glam look. All black -- black tux, tie, and shirt -- is popular. Navy-on-navy is big, as is a chocolate tie and shirt. Christopher Sulavik, author of The Indispensable Guide to Classic Men's Clothing, offers one general guideline to keep in mind when pairing tints of the same color: the tie is usually darker than the shirt.

If you plan to wear a vest, black and silver are the two most popular choices. Silver (and gold) ties and vests are still red hot, but expect more pastels and light blues to trickle down from other men's clothing trends.

If you're seeking a cutting-edge look, the bow tie should be left buried in your closet behind that pile of dirty laundry. Ties, especially those with a high-sheen, are definitely a more modern approach to neckwear. Popularized by Hollywood-types at Tony award ceremonies like the Oscars, four-in-hand satin ties in lustrous, solid colors paired with a dressy shirt will definitely add some punch to your ensemble.

The truly updated outfit forgoes the wing collar and replaces it with the more modern turndown variety. The pros, with their current penchant for neckties and matching same-colored shirts, would definitely put you in a fancy turndown-collar shirt.

Skip the cummerbund. Though these classic garments will never go out of style, the fashion forward will decide on a vest instead. Full-back, solid-colored vests are the current choice of grooms and groomsmen, the benefit being that if you and your men plan on cranking up the heat and removing your jackets at the reception, you will still have a finished look. Do without loud, busy patterns and select a toned-down style, such as a monochromatic vest two different hues of the same color. Or better yet, go with a solid color.

Grooms are taking the aisle walk in thick-soled leather shoes similar to what's seen on the streets. Forget slip-on loafers; instead, chose a chunkier black lace-up style. "If you're looking for a classic patent leather, update the shape with a square toe," suggests Kenneth Cole. "It's modern and simple yet sophisticated enough to be worn with any tuxedo." If you go with a heavier shoe, you'll need pants that are cut a bit wider at the bottom for a more balanced look.

In tuxedo terms, jewelry means cuff links and shirt studs. Silver links are more popular today than gold, and are often set with black onyx. These small, fashionable costume pieces are made with a variety of different stones -- from onyx to mother of pearl -- and add just the right finishing touch to your wedding day ensemble.

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Its nice to know that American men havent taken recent corporate scandals lying down. No sir. They sucked in their guts, bade farewell to their families and hurried to the mall. The urge to look corporate -- sleek, commanding, prudent, yet with just a touch of hubris on your well-cut sleeve -- is an unexpected development in a time of business disgrace. But surprising or not, sales of mens tailored clothing increased 23.7 per...

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Q: How do I get the creases out of my tie?A: Put the two ends of the tie together and roll the tie around your finger like a belt. Slip it off your finger and leave it rolled up over night. The following morning, hang it up and the creases should be gone.Q: What traditional top coats style are to be worn over a suit? A: The most popular are the 3 button full length top coat or the 6 button double-breasted top coat. (See top coat style sectio...

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JACKETSFull dress, a.k.a. tails or tailcoat -Yep, these tails are talking to you. The eponymous tails actually have tails, with a two- to six-button front. Generally worn at ultra-formal evening weddings.Tuxedo, a.k.a. tux -A tuxedo jacket can be single-breasted (with a one- to four-button front) or double-breasted (with a two- to six-button front) and is worn at formal or semiformal evening events. The basic tux comes in a...

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Would you love to wear snakeskin cowboy boots, a bolo tie, and your lucky jeans to your wedding? Well, if your inner muse is singing "Folsom Prison Blues," go for the ten-gallon hat and spurs if they make you happy. Just remember that fashion trends may come and go, but your wedding pictures are forever. And if your beloved lays one on you before the ceremony, that shiner will go down in history. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefe...

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No matter how nice your tuxedo looks on a hanger, it won´t mean a thing if it has not got If you haven´t sized your tux correctly, you may end up with a high-water, too-tight, or too-loose suit that will make you look like a goofball on your wedding day. Make sure you get the right size by following our sizing guidelines below. COMFORT IS KEY Choose your formalwear for style and comfort. You should be ab...

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Wedding rumor has it that the only person people notice is the lady in the white dress. Not true! Grooms get noticed, too -- especially if they´re dressed like high school prom refugees circa 1985. We know you´re used to dressing yourself in casual clothes -- but what about formal? Read on for tips and advice. GETTING STARTED What´s the "right" tux? Bernard Toll, a spokesman for Lord West Formalwear (the...

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Though senior prom may have been the last time you donned a tux, you´ll need to improve upon your high-school fashion sense for your wedding day. What´s more, the rules traditionally state that the groom and his henchmen all wear similar outfits, so it´s important to set yourself apart to help guests identify you as the guy who just locked lips with the bride at the altar. First, learn the basic tenets of t...

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Mens Accessories: What is Hot Now - For Weddings - for The Groomsman Your mission on your big day isn´t impossible; it´s simply to look your best. A well-fitting tux is a given. It´s how you accessorize that will make the most of your outfit. To help you pump up your style quotient, we tracked down the hot trends in tux and suit accessories. MINIMAL COLOR Stick with more subdued, sophisticated color arra...

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You may remember the television commercial of old that shows a women yelling - "ring around the collar" - in which she uses a detergent to wash out the grime from her husband´s shirt and collar. Ring around the collar isn´t simply a Madison Avenue executive´s clever ploy to sell washing detergent. It´s a centuries old problem and more than 150 years ago a Troy women set out to do something about it. However, she had not pl...

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Dear Patrons and Valued friends, This is a friendly reminder that our pricing is due for a price revision in the coming week. This is the first price revision since the last two years and addresses the current cost realities. We will be looking at pricing in all our mens and womens shirt categories through out all the collections over the coming week. With the increase in the level of workmanship that we have instigated ...

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Facts about WOOL Wool fiber actually has tiny pores. When it's dyed, the pores open and the dye is absorbed into it. That's why wool garments look and stay so rich in color. Wool can be stretched up to 70% of its natural length and still retain its shape when released. In other words, it won't sag and wrinkles relax easily. Wool's natural climate control system keeps you comfortable because it insulates you from heat and ...

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About Vents in Suit Jackets - Did you know that the vent at the back of a man's jacket is a symbol of the time soldiers rode horseback? The vent allowed their jackets to fall on either side of the riders' legs and so keep his powder dry to more effectively kill his adversary. Also, the side vents, if carrying a sword on the side, made it easier for the scabbard to sit properly while not disturbing the line of the jacket when on...

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Computerized clothes are the ultimate in portable high-tech gadgetry. As with all clothes, computerized apparel starts with the proper thread. Cotton, polyester or rayon don´t have the needed properties to carry the electrical current needed for digital clothing. However, metallic yarns aren´t new to the clothing industry. We have seen these metallic fabrics worn to make fashion statements for years. Researchers at M...

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Back to Business Basics in Custom Clothing No matter what people say, first impressions are mostly based on physical appearance. That's how it works in the dating game and that's what often happens in the business world. We are judged on the way we introduce ourselves, on our body language, and most of all, on the way we dress. Bear in mind, however, that a flawless dressing style is only a complement to substance and a good wo...

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