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Product Standards of PriceYourSuit.com

PriceYourSuit maintains a high product quality standard by its dedication to quality and customer service.

All seams are double stitched and interlocked.

All seams incorporate generous margins so that the garments can be easily adjusted for changes in body proportions.

Our hair cloth interlinings contain less than 300 ppm of free formaldehyde content, which satisfies even the most stringent standards.


Hair Cloth Interlining

Made Up Interlining


Fusible Interlining

Shoulder Pad

Neck Tie Interlining


Top Fuse

Ban Roll

Color Canvas



With three generations in the custom tailoring business, we are proud of our quality and workmanship and stand behind our work.

Our mission has always been to make available made to measure clothing for ladies and gents with excellent quality at very affordable prices not to mention fast and efficient delivery. We have always had an eye to satisfying the sartorial needs of the discerning dresser.

With two stores and thousands of satisfied customers from bankers to businessmen and from diplomats to the average man on the road, we provide what we believe to be real value for money and an excellent solution to ill fitting off the rack wear. We have found the Internet to be an excellent medium to reach out to our clients all over the world as well as open up an opportunity for us to reach out to the rest of the world as well.

Our website provides an easy and cost effective as well as time saving way to access our products. The site is designed in a way that the client can create his or her own wardrobe to reflect his or her very own personal style in clothing. With a multitude of options available for a more informed choice, one can truly say that one is one's own creation.

Having 170 people working at our production base, we have trained each one of them for a specific job. For example there are separate tailors working on the collars or the sleeves or the body of the jacket, each specializing in what he does best. Our production line is almost like the production lines for cars, with one person cutting the garment and another putting it together and a third putting on the collars and another the sleeve and finally, the finishing being done by yet another.

Our Custom suits are truly a bench grade garment, individually designed, cut, and sewn by only a handful of master tailors. Using only the finest tailoring materials each Custom suit is a work of art unto itself. All interlining, canvas, and buttons are imported directly from Italy for this one of a kind garment. Over 150 years of old world experience combined to craft to our highest Grade of perfection.

    Our Features:
  • Hand crafted collars, with leaf-turned edges for perfect fit and alignment. Made exclusively by master tailors
  • Hand basted canvas fronts made in Italy from the most supple, soft hair canvas anywhere!
  • Hand shaped and hand sewn shoulders, using only the finest silk thread for stability.
  • Hand stemmed sleeve buttons
  • Armhole construction by master tailors, using only silk thread for comfort.
  • Extraordinary hand buttonholes on all coats.
  • Individually shaped and sewn jacket linings of 100% Silk Satin..
  • Over a dozen additional under-pressing steps ensuring a garment that has integrity as well as style.
  • Many additional hand sewn features found only in the world's finest tailoring.
  • Trousers feature all the details of the highest grade of tailoring with the addition of hand finished waistband and pocketing
  • Special two-piece waistband with box-pleated curtain insures waistband comfort.
  • Zig-Zag Rocap stitching on top of waistband
  • Nickel coated metal zip
  • Woven Silesia inside entire fly
  • Genuine full French fly
  • Standard coin pocket
  • Heel guards Extra protection for wear at hem
  • Grippers
    Other features include..
  • Generous 2-3" hems
  • Every part of a garment is pattern and color matched(print, color & nap)
  • Buttonholes, pockets, trims and seams matched
  • Solid or plain fabrics cut on grain
  • Interior fabric, lining, pocket seams and edges are serged to prevent raveling
  • Interior seams hand pressed for a flat, clean outer appearance
  • Self fabric and color match shoulder pads in blouses and dresses
  • Free flow lining in dresses.

Hand Stitched Lapels
and Pockets

Rope Shoulders



Our jackets are made to measure with the finest details. We use satin linings and imported interfacings to bring fluidness to the jacket, which is rarely seen in off the rack productions today. We use matching lining on our jackets but can use contrast or patterned lining should the client so desire.

With plenty of pockets on the inside for travel documents, pens, wallets and cigarettes or cigars, our jackets are ideal for traveling as well as for that elegant date. The lower pockets of our jackets are double piped to allow the wearer to use the flaps as well as tuck them inside for a change

The undersides of our collars are felt lined to provide that extra roll which distinguishes an average piece of clothing from a top of the range garment.

The sleeves have four buttons with workable or non-workable buttonholes. We include extra facing from the same fabric on the inside of the sleeve cuffs to ensure that linings do not peak out when lifting the arms.

We use specially designed sweat pads for the armpits for the dual purpose of absorbing the sweat so that inside linings are not damaged as well as for that extra dash of perfume that may stain the linings.

The whole jacket is very uniquely stitched from the inside so that no thread is visible at all. we use the European style of putting together the shell of the jacket and lining at the same time. Each seam is reverse stitched with double stitch technology to ensure extreme wear and tear. This is designed for our products to be used over very long periods lasting as long as clothing from a different era used to last.

To distinguish from the normal or standard work on jackets, Center vent and side vents have that extra surface on the underside, which does not allow the lining to show even if the vents are flapping.

Single breasted two button or three or even four button as well as double breasted with one, two or three buttons to use as well as single, double and no vent options are some of the choices we offer to our clients. Nehru jackets or Mao jackets can also be custom tailored by us.


Our trousers are made to measure with the double stitches ensuring long life and protection from wear and tear. By standard, our trousers are half lined to the knees in the front but can be fully lined upon request. Only the best and softest lining is used in our trousers. It is not uncommon for clients to ask if we have lined our trousers, which we always do but is never felt. We use cotton shirting fabrics for our pockets and line the crotch area with satin for durability and prevent wear of this area.. . Pocket edges are sewn as well so that the linings of the pockets do not pull out when the hands are removed from pockets. At the back of the trousers, we provide one or two pockets with one of them buttoned with a reverse loop to protect wallets or other valuables. All our pockets are extra deep so that things put in them do not fall out unlike ready to wear pants.

The waistband is fused with extra stiff interfacing to ensure that the band does not curl over the belt. We use side grips at the waistband to ensure a firm ride on the waist or hips and prevent the trousers from falling. This also provides an additional advantage of preventing the shirts from coming out over the waistband should they be worn tucked in. A separate hole and button attachment is used by us in the inside of the trousers at the waistband area to provide a firmer grip to the pants and ensure that the trousers stay where intended. Stays at the cuff are used to ensure that the bottoms of the cuffs do not wear out by being rubbed against the shoe heels over long periods.

The inside of the pockets in front are so attached and fixed that the unsightly bulge in the front when sitting down does not occur. This is very common in ready to wear trousers where on sitting the zip and crotch area seem to bulge out very obscenely.

We cut the front of the thighs generously proportioned to ensure maximum comfort when sitting or standing. This is so that one does not have to lift the trousers too much when sitting down.

Straight cuffed trousers are always sewn at an angle to ensure proper length in the front and at the back. The front length is made slightly shorter than the back length to prevent excessive breaks on the shoe and at the same time to make sure that the back of the trousers reach up to the top of the heels.

Single double and triple pleats or even no pleats and horizontal, vertical, slash and double piped pockets as well as cuffed or straight legged pants are the options available along with single, double or no back pockets.


Here are some of the TRUE MARKS OF Our BESPOKE SHIRTS...

  • All of our shirts are sewn with with a minimum of 18 stitches per inch with full single needle construction resulting in strong, flat seams that do not separate.
  • Premium interlinings are fused into the collar and cuffs giving a smooth, even appearance.
  • Our Shirt collars are hand-cut and hand-turned.
  • Built in stay pockets prevent the removable stay from showing through the fabric.
  • Sleeve to cuff pleating gives balance to sleeve.
  • Pearl coated mylar buttons are cross stitched for extra strength.
  • Hand finishing and pressing insure individual attention to each shirt.
  • Our shirts are custom tailored to suit the needs of the wearer who has a problem with finding the right neck size to go with the correct sleeve length.

    Our shirts are custom tailored to suit the needs of the wearer who has a problem with finding the right neck size to go with the correct sleeve length.

    Our collars and cuffs are double fused with removable stays so that the same shirt may be worn formally or casually. The stays also prevent the collar points from curling up over time. Elbow buttons ensure a smooth fall to the wrist and at the same time the necessary fullness needed for comfort at the upper arms. The best thing about our shirts and which we have seen no manufacturer using is our extendible neck button. This button is on an elastic extendible tab so that no matter how much the neck size changes, the shirt can still be worn and the tie tied. This can only be found in our shirts.

    All the seams have three eighths inch double saddle stitching to give the shirt durability as well as design. Extra fine needles are used for these stitches to ensure that no unsightly puckering of the fabric between the stitches takes place. At the back, we use box pleats to ensure maximum comfort when working.

    Front placket or plain fronts are options available as well. We do offer pcovered button option too. Monogramming is also an option with our shirts with same colour as well as contrast colour monogramming in various fonts.

    Monogramming can be done on pockets, cuffs or the chest of the shirt.

    We offer one pocket, two pocket or no pocket options as well as non-pleated fronts, pleated fronts as well as placate covered fronts in our shirts. Cuffs can be barrel or French cuffs, rounded or square. Collars can be button down, hidden button down, point, ainsley or sprelacate ad collars. We do make mandarin or stand up collars as well.

    All in all we believe we offer a unique shopping and dressing experience which can only be appreciated on giving us a chance to be of service.


    Below are a sample of some of the many accessories which we offer for your custom made garments:

    Scarves, Kerchiefs and Pocket Squares
    Cummarband and Bowtie Sets
    Cufflink and Tie Pin Sets
    Standard Gold/Silver Buttons
    The various colours of the Italian
    Designer Silk Linings

    Embossed Silver/Gold Buttons
    Authentic Mother of Pearl Buttons

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